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Jaap van Zweden

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Dutch violinist Jaap van Zweden was born in 1960, He has been leader of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra since 1980. He
studied with Louise Wijnqaarden and Davina van Wely at the Amsterdam Muzieklyceum. In 1977, he won the Oscar Back
Contest; and subsequently finishes his studies with Dorothy Delay at the Juilliard School of Music in New York.

As a soloist he performed throughout the world and has an established duo with Dutch pianist Ronald Brautigam and Aldert Vermeulen. In 1984, he was priviliged to perform at the White House for the then vice-president, now former president, George Bush. So far he has made eight records; among them the Brahms sonatas with Ronald Brautigam, which was awarded an Edison. The CD he made with the Combattimento Consort Amsterdam, Vivaldi`s Four Seasons, sold more than 50.000 copies.

Jaap van Zweden has played as soloist with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, concertos from Mendelssohn, Mozart, Brahms, Paganini and Symphony Concertantes by Haydn and Mozart. With this orchestra he also played `Serenade` from
Bernstein, who considers Jaap van Zweden as one of the great violinists of our time. In 1987, he was invited by Queen Beatrix from Holland to perform in Venezuela the first concerto of Paganini and a Mozart Concerto. For this concert he was decorated bv the President of Venezuela with the Bolivar, one of the highest awards at that country.

In the 1993/94 season Jaap van Zweden will play the Mendelssohn violinconcerto with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. In October 1994 he is to go on a tour to Japan where he will play with some of the most famous Japanese orchestras, a.o. TMSO, Japan Philharmonic. Tn Tokyo, Nagova and Osaka he will give eight recitals.

Jaap van Zweden has worked with many conductors including Haitink, Dorati/ Kondrashin, Bernstein, Vonk, Chailly and De Waart, but he also conducts himself. In the 1992/1993 season he appeared with the Forum Philharmonic and the New Belgium Chamber Orchestra, In 1993/1994 he has conducted the Brabants Orchestra, which was such a success that arrangements have already been made for a continuation of this co-operation in the future, starting June 1995.

In March and April 1995 Jaap van Zweden will conduct a number of concerts of the Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburq, durinq a tour
in Holland. In June of that very same year he will perform as a conductor with the the Berliner Symphoniker, both In Holland and in Germany.

In April 1993 he signed a recording contract for Dino Music, for whom he will each year record a violinconcerto.

May 1994
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