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Jan Sandström was born in Vilhelmina on 25th of January 1954. He grew up in Stockholm. He studied counterpoint with Valdemar Söderblom 1974-1976 and school music at Luleå University of Technology/Piteå School of Music 1976-1978. He then went to study composition with Gunnar Bucht, Brian Ferneyhough and Pär Lindgren at Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm 1980-1984, and music theory 1978-1982.

Sandström has been on the staff of the Luleå University of Technology/School of Music in Piteå since 1982, teaching composition and music theory, 1985-1989 employed as fifty-fifty composer/teacher, and from 1989 as professor in composition. He lived in Paris 1984-85.

Sandström has written music for various ensembles, for choir, opera, ballet and for radio theatre - but above all for orchestra, with or without soloist. His most famous works are the opera "Macbeth2", "Acintyas" for string orchestra, "Es ist ein ros" for choir, and the two trombone concertos: "Motorbike Concerto" and "Don Quixote". His most recent commission was an opera for the famous baroque stage of the Drottningholm Castle in Stockholm commemorating its 250th anniversary.

Jan Sandström has entered into a 3 year relationship with Norrlandsoperan in Umeå as their Composer in Residence, starting with the season 2016/17.

Jan Sandström is today Sweden's most frequently performed composer on the international scene.

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Size: 760 x 1095
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