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The award winning Norwegian percussionist and cimbalist Hans-Kristian Kjos Sørensen is internationally recognized for his versatile and creative performances. Growing up close to the sea and mountains he has a free spirit and a sensational sensitivity for interpreting any kind of music. As a soloist he includes improvisation, singing, acting and even reciting into his performances, never ceasing to control the colours, rhythms and harmonic possibilities that percussion instruments have to offer. The Irish Times celebrated him as “probably the best coordinated showman in the world”, after seeing his solo-recital at the West Cork Chamber Music Festival.

Sørensen has an extensive body of work, including jazz, improvisations, classical as well as contemporary music. His repertoire is mostly based on original composed works for percussion and cimbalom - he has over 60 solo works and concerts which he plays without score. Some of the composers he has collaborated with are by Brett Dean, Per Nørgård, Rolf Wallin, Svante Henryson, George Crumb and Henrik Hellstenius. Per Nørgård dedicated his piece Isternia to Hans-Kristian Kjos Sørensen, who also edited the piece for Wilhelm Hansen Verlag.

As a soloist he has played with the Symphony Orchestras in Stavanger, Kristiansand and Malmö as well as The Norwegian Opera Orchestra, Norwegian Chamber Orchestra, Swedish Chamber Orchestra, Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen, Stadttheater Lübeck, Statdtheater Bern, Philharmonia Orchestra and Ensemble BIT-20. 

Amongst his Chamber Music partners are Daniel Hope, Pekka Kuusisto, Martin Fröst, Stewart Copeland (from The Police), Alexander Lonquich, Misha Alperin, Bugge Wesseltoft, Ole Edvard Antonsen, Håkan Hardenberger, Arve Henriksen, Øystein Birkeland and Tanja Tetzlaf. Furthermore he has worked with conductors HK Gruber, Thierry Fischer, Thomas Hengelbrock and Pierre-André Valade.

Sørensen is a frequent guest at festivals in Europe and USA amongst them the Chamber Music Festivals in Stavanger, Trondheim, Mora, and Oslo, the Contemporary Music Festival Ultima, Schleswig-Holstein, Spannungen, Savannah, Aldeburgh, West Cork and Bergen Festspillene.

He has released several cd’s on ECM with Misha Alperin, Arve Henriksen and Christian Wallumrød. He played baroque-percussion on Daniel Hope’s cd “Air-a baroque Journey” for Deutsche Grammophon. In 2008 he released the percussion-concerto “Readings of Mr.G” by Henrik Hellstenius with Ensemble BIT-20. Sørensen’s solo-cd “OPEN” on BIS received international acclaim and won a Norwegian Grammy. 

Sørensen is often involved in projects including both music, theatre and film and has also been artistic leader for projects including dancers, actors and musicians. In collaboration with the Oscar-awarded actor Klaus Maria Brandauer and Deutsche Grammophon’s star-violinist Daniel Hope, he has presented the concert “War and Pieces” all over the world. He has composed music for film and theatre and has worked extensively with director Per Olav Sørensen. Together with longtime life- and musicpartner, violist Gro Løvdahl, he has worked with music theatre-composer Georges Aperghis in his play Conversations, which has been performed in several countries.

Kjos Sørensens musical creativity has also led him to conducting and he has conducted the stringplayers from the Swedish Chamberorchestra, the Dala Sinfonietta in the first time-performance of his own work “Snow, Wind, Wood”.

Sørensen plays a cimbalom by István Jancsó, made in 2006.

Sørensen now combines an international solo and chamber music career with teaching at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, where he is a Professor.

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Repertoire list

(XX: work written for Hans-Kristian Kjos Sørensen)



Johannes Harneit - Double Concerto for cello & percussion, 20 min XX

Henrik Hellstenius - Readings of Mr.G (percussion/voice & strings), 20 min XX

Andrè Jolivet - Concerto for percussion & orchestra, 25 min

Sofia Gubaidulina - Concerto for accordeon, percussion & strings

Svante Henryson - Amorphicon for el.cello & steelpans, 45 min XX

James MacMillian - Veni, Veni, Emmanuel (symph.orch), 30 min

James MacMillan - A Meditation on Iona (percussion & strings)

Dave Maric - Lifetimes (percussion & strings) 

Darius Milhaud - Concerto for percussion & orchestra

Jon Øyvind Ness - The Shoots (full orchestra), 30 min XX

Per Nørgård – Håndslag til et orkester (framedrums/voice), 4 min

Per Nørgård – For a Change (percussion & orch.), 30 min

Jacques Loussier  - Concerto for violin and percussion (strings), 27 min

Joseph Schwantner - Percussion Concerto

Iannis Xenakis – Oresteia (baryton & percussion, w/ choir & chamberensemble)



Mauricio Kagel - Konzertstück für Pauken & Orchestra, 20 min



Paul Creston  - Concerto for marimba, 26 min

Darius Milhaud - Concerto (org. version with symphony orch), 19 min

Darius Milhaud - Concerto (version with symphonic band), 19 min

Minoru Miki - Marimba Spiritual, w/ 3 percussionists, 12 min

Rob Waring - Concerto for vibraphone & chamber ensemble, 25 min



Per Nørgaard - Det guddommelige tivoli (solo-percussion role)



Peter Eötvös - Psychokosmos (cimbalom & orchestra)

Miklós Sugár - Concerto for cimbalom & strings

Antonio Vivaldi - Concerto in C Major RV 425, for cimbalom, strings & continuo

Antonio Vivaldi - Concerto in D Major RV 93, for cimbalom, strings & continuo

Antonio Vivaldi - Concerto in D Minor RV 540, for viola d`amore, cimbalom, strings & continuo



Bela Bartok - Rapsodie nr.1

Henri Duttileux - Mystère d`Linstant

Zoltán Kodály - Háry János Suite

Maurice Ravel - Tzigane (vio.solo/cimb/orch)

Igor Stravinsky - Ragtime, for 11 instruments

Igor Stravinsky - Les Noces




Jacques Bank - Frieze, 10 min

Charles Boone - The watts towers, 8 min

John Cage - Composed improvisations, 24 min

John Cage - Child of Tree, 8 min

Vinko Globokar - Toucher, 10 min

Henrik Hellstenius - Readings of Mr.G (percussion/voice) edited by HKKS, 20 min XX

Maki Ishii - Thirteen drums, 13 min

Michael Jarrel - Assonance VII, 10 min

Dave Maric - Trilogy (perc. & tape), 13 min

Per Nørgaard - I Ching, 23 min

Fredric Rzewski - To the earth (4 flowerpots / voice) 10 min

Wayne Siegel - The last request, 12min

Karlheinz Stockhausen - Zyklus no 9, 14 min

Kevin Volans - She who sleeps with a small blanket, 14 min

Kevin Volans - Asanga, 10 min

Rolf Wallin - Scratch (red balloon), 5 min

Rolf Wallin - Stonewave (version for solo-percussion, HKKS edition), 14 min XX

Iannis Xenakis - Psappha, 15 min

Iannis Xenakis - Rebonds, 14 min

Walter Zimmermann - Riuti, 8 min



J.S.Bach - Partita nr.1 b-minor BWV1002, 25 min

Edison Denissow - Schwarze wolken, 15 min

Franco Donatoni - Omar, 15 min

Phillipe Manouri - Livres de clavier, 7 min

Karlheinz Stockhausen - Tierkreis

Rob Waring - Flow, Influence, Essence (vibraphone / electronics), 15 min XX



Keiko Abe - Wind in the bamboo grove, 7 min

Jacob Druckman - Reflections on the nature of water, 19 min

Åse Hedstrøm - Flow, 8 min XX

Ton de Leeuw - Midare, 8 min

Minoru Miki - Time, 10 min

Akira Miyoshi - Torse III, 10 min

Paul Smadbeck - Rhythm Song, 10 min

Gordon Stout - Two Mexican Dances, 10 min

Toshimitsu Tanaka - Two movements for marimba, 11 min



Elliot Carter - Eight pieces for Four solo-timpani

John Beck - Sonata for timpani



Helmut Lachenmann - Guero, 3 min

John Cage - The wonderful widow of eighteen springs, 3 min

John Cage - A flower, 3 min

John Cage - Etude Boreales, 8 min



John Cage - In a landscape, 9 min

Gyorgy Kurtag - Splinters

Per Nørgård - Isternia (edited by HKKS), 12 min

Steve Reich - Piano Phase (cimbalom w/ loop pedal)

Karlheinz Stockhausen - Tierkreis



(XX: work written for Hans-Kristian Kjos Sørensen)



Georges Aperghis - Quatre pieces febriles (piano/mar), 13 min

Nicolay Appolyon - Mosaic (cello/perc) XX

Nils Henrik Asheim - Beats, Bridges Ruptures & Games (org/perc), 9 min XX

Linda Bouchard - Pourtinade (viola/perc), 18 min

Paul Chihara - Redwood (viola/perc), 12 min

Chick Corea - Children Songs (pno/mar or vib)

Henrik Hellstenius - The Golden Shield (viola/mar) XX

Henrik Hellstenius - Ombra della Sera (d.bass/perc) XX

Bendik Hofseth - Nine maldic moulds (1999) (cello/perc), 12 min XX

Bendik Hofseth - Rice & curry, no hurry (flute/vibr), 8 min XX

Fredrik Högberg - Plastmusik (clar/vib-perc + tape), 4 min

Fredrik Högberg - Pulsmusik (clar/perc), 4 min

Andrè Jolivet – Heptade  (trumpet/perc)

Alexina Louie - Cadenzas (clarinet/mar+vib), 16 min

Dave Maric - The Lucid Intervals (trumpet/perc), 11 min

Dave Maric - Shapeshifter (2 perc.)

Dave Maric - On Impulse (cello & perc.)

Dave Maric - Borrowed Time (organ & perc), 10 min

Jules Massenet - Thais (1 string/mar) arr. HKKS, 5 min

Akira Miyoshi - Litania (doublebass/perc)

Maurice Ohana - Sons Confondus (piano/perc)

William Ortiz - Graffiti Noyorican (piano/perc)

Maurice Ravel - Habanera (1 string/mar) arr. HKKS, 5 min

Steve Reich - Clapping Music, 4 min

Steve Reich - Piano Phase (2 marimbas)

Amy Rubin - Hallelujah Games (piano/perc)

Giacinto Scelsi - Hyxos (flute/perc), 10 min

Judith Shatin - 1492 (piano/perc)

Bright Sheng - Hot Pepper (vio/marimba)

Knut Vaage - Tapt slag, en elegi (flute/perc), 14 min XX

Rolf Wallin - Mind the gap (amplif.cembalo/perc), 15 min XX



Misha Alperin - Night (cel/pno/perc) XX

Bela Bartok - Sonata for 2 pianos & percussion, 30 min

Luciano Berio - Folk songs

Luciano Berio – Linea (2 pno / 2 perc)

George Crumb - The Madrigal books (sopr/fl/cb/harp/perc), 20 min

George Crumb - Dream Sequence (vio/vla/cel/perc), 12 min

Peter Maxwell-Davies - 8 Songs for a Mad King

Brett Dean – Recollections (cl/fr.horn/perc/pno/vio/vla/vc/db), 13 min XX

Henri Dutilleux - Diptyque "Les Citations", 15 min

Magne Hegdal - For 3 nr.3 (vla/pno/perc), 36 min XX

Mauricio Kagel - Match (2 celli & perc)

Mauricio Kagel - Con Voce, für drei stumme Spieler (3 players)

Arne Nordheim - Partita (vla/cemb/perc), 15 min

Arne Nordheim - Signals (acc/el.gtr/perc)

Igor Stravinsky - l`Histoire du soldat. (vio/db/cl/ba/corn/trb/perc)

Hans-Kristian Kjos Sørensen - Snow, Wind, Wood (pic/fl/ob/2 cl/2 bas/trp/2 ho/db/perc) XX

Toru Takemitsu (Jap) - Rain Tree (3 perc)

Olav Anton Thommessen - Ekko av et ekko

Iannis Xenakis - Ohko (3 perc)



Peter Maxwell Davies - Sonatine for violin and cimbalom

Adám Kondor - Hungarian folk song forms - 8 duets (viola/cimbalom)

Georgy Kurtag - 8 duos Op.4 (violin/cimbalom), 9 min

Georgy Kurtag - 3 pezzi Op.38 (clarinet/cimbalom), 5 min

Georgy Kurtag - 3 altri pezzi Op.38a (clarinet/cimbalom), 5 min

Béla Bartók - Romanian Folk Dances, 12 min



Sebastian Fagerlund – Rush (vio/clar/cimb/2 pno) XX

Georgy Kurtag - Errinerungen einer Winterabend (soprano/vio/cimb)

Peter Eötvös - Psy11, Trió a Psychokosmosból (Fl/Cello/cimb)

Igor Stravinsky - Ragtime, for 11 instruments, 6 min


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Photos for PR use

130910gi Foto. Nikolaj Lund.jpg
Size: 2074 x 3110
Credit: Nikolaj Lund

130910fi Foto Nikolaj Lund.jpg
Size: 3136 x 2091
Credit: Nikolaj Lund

130910ei Foto. Nikolaj Lund.jpg
Size: 2592 x 3888
Credit: Nikolaj Lund

Size: 1412 x 1906
Credit: Ole Buenget

Size: 2592 x 3888
Credit: Nikolaj Lund

Size: 1968 x 2948
Credit: Nikolaj Lund

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Jon Øivind Ness: The Shoots - Percussion Concerto presented by Hans-Kristian Kjos Sørensen

Hans-Kristian Kjos Sørensen plays Intermezzo from Hary Janos Suite by Kodaly HKKS (solo-cimbalom), Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra, conductor Terje Boye Hansen

Hans-Kristian Kjos Sørensen (percussion) & Tanja Tetzlaff (Cello) play Dave Maric "On Impulse"

Hans-Kristian Kjos Sørensen plays Vivaldi Concerto in C Major RV425 for cimbalom, strings & continuo Aurora Chambermusic Festival

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Hans-Kristian Kjos Sørensen plays Henrik Hellstenius Percussion Concerto "Readings of Mr.G" (excerpt) HKKS (solo-percussion/voice), Ensemble BIT 20, conductor Pierre- André Valade
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Hans-Kristian Kjos Sørensen plays Per Nørgård "Isternia" for solo- cimbalom (excerpt)
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Hans-Kristian Kjos Sørensen plays Iannis Xenakis "Rebounds" Part B (excerpt)
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Hans-Kristian Kjos Sørensen plays his own "Hearing Things" (excerpt from Kjos Sørensen's new solo CD coming in 2014)
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Hans-Kristian Kjos Sørensen plays "Breathing Thing" from Svante Henryson Double Concerto "Amorphicon" for El.cello and Steelpans w/ stringorchestra. Svante Henryson (electric cello), HKKS (steelpans), Camerata Nordica led by Terje Tønnesen (violin)
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