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Fou Tsong

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Fou Ts'ong was born in Shanghai and was the first Chinese pianist to be a prizewinner at the Chopin competition in 1953.
This year marks Fou Ts'ong's seventieth birthday. As a veteran of the keyboard,his enthusiasm and dedication to music remains undimmed. This year he has returned to his native Shanghai to give his expertise to students at the conservatory on Chopin, Mozart Concertis, and Debussy in a series of master classes over a period of two months. He continues to give classes at the International Foundation for young pianists at Como, Italy. He has performed in London, Taiwan, HongKong and Beppu Festival in Japan. Meridian Records have released his recordings of Chopin and Mozart concerti as well as other solo piano recordings. Amidst the great number of growing whizz kids springing up from China, Fou Ts'ong remains in spiritual terms true to his art and cultural root. His strength of conviction and personal voice in his music making are individual and unconventional. His depth and ability to evoke real emotional meaning in whatever he plays made TIME magazine call him the greatest Chinese musician alive today. Hermann Hesse called him the only true performer of Chopin.

(May 2004)

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Repertoire list

Concerti nos:
1 in E minor
2 in F minor

Concerti in:
D major K175
B flat major K238
F major (3 pianos) K242
C major K246
E flat major K271
E flat major (2 pianos) K365
F major K413
A major K414
C major K415
E flat major K449
B flat major K450
D major K451
G major K453
B flat major K456
F major K459
D minor K466
C major K467
E flat major K482
A major K488
C minor K491
C major K503
D major K537
B flat major K595

Concert rondos in:
D major K382
A major K386

Concerti in:
A major
F minor

Concerti nos:
1 in C major
2 in B flat
3 in C minor
4 in G major
5 in E flat 'Emperor'

Concerto in A minor

Concerto no 1 in D minor

Symphonic Variations
Les Djinns

Concerto in A minor

Concerto no 3


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